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A Brief About Dinky Baby

Dinki Baby brand with 17 years of experience is among the manufacturers with experience in baby clothes and is proud to offer a variety of baby clothes in different designs and colors in the form of quality cotton fabrics and excellent sewing to its customers. Considering the use of the resources and experience of the past in this ancient art and use of the creativity of talented young people to develop this art, we decided to produce our products with a close look at today’s tastes and a mixture of Improve past experiences…

Video report of the 8th International Exhibition of Iranian Fashion and Clothing

ما دوران کودکی را با حمایت از نوزادان، کودکان و خانواده ها جشن می گیریم
با طرح های متفکر، مواد با کیفیت و ساخت و ساز،
و گزینه های خرید مناسب است.